151124 [DAUM] Lee Joon Fancafe Posts & + PrainTPC Tweet

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trans: @iamoutoftime

1. „Finished the movie. Since the cafe level up doesn’t work, I can’t even read posts. What is this!!!!!! Hohoho ㅗ Hohohohoho Anyway I’m finished and I did my best everybody watch enjoyingly please ^^* Heart heart After coming home, starting today I’m preparing for the drama T-T Looking forward to it Ah in case you all are curious the drama starts filming in two weeks. I haven’t memorized all my lines =_=…… I have to carefully go through it with the mind of an exam taker.
I’ll do my best Puahahahahaha hahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Since I put so much effort in the filming, now it’s finished, I feel such emptiness. TararaTatatata Baby don’t worry my love Where are you We were happy Don’t forget it Let’s meet again[*] Fanmeeting… Will upload two celebration photos and I’ll go Bye bye”

2. „Sorry the pics are not going up. Unable to keep a promise, I’ll just leave”

3. „I’m so awesome The pics weren’t uploading so I uploaded them with the cafe app”

4. „Key Of Life fighting”

5. Ke Ke Ke

Quoting Winner’s „Empty” lyrics


„Today actor Lee joon has finally finished filming.
At the offer of „Eat as much as you have suffered”
he said he’d have budae jjigae.
Enjoy your meal, recharge energy.
Now he’s scheduled to go into preparations for the drama.
Please give him lots of support.”

From https://twitter.com/PrainTPC/status/669118386069114880

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