151114 [DAUM] Lee Joon Fancafe Update: Surprise Event Decided

Trans: @iamoutoftime

Hello, this is PrainTPC.

We have completed voting for the surprise! event prepared by the fancafe for actor Joon’s first individual fanmeeting.

Receiving 63 of a total of 195 votes, the project we have decided on is “Making of slogan video with photos + singing a song as background music”.

Regarding the video production, the first to comment in the voting post was 블랙Box nim (clap clap clap). We will contact her separately.

Now we have to decide the slogan and the song.

So make your suggestions for the song and the slogan that all of our fancafe members would like to pose with.*

We will be accepting entries until this Sunday (Nov. 15) and then we’ll start collecting your pictures.

Leave many comments, please.
Thank you.

*Regarding the slogan pictures, it means each person will take a picture with one common slogan in any kind of paper they like and including short messages and drawings. You can take a picture holding the banner or just take a picture of the banner.

From http://cafe.daum.net/leejoon.fancafe/aB8v/12

Translator note: Summing up, the surprise project selected by the fancafe is one we can all join, regardless of wether we attend the fanmeeting or not. We have to wait until this Sunday when they will choose a phrase (which will most likely be in Korean) and then each one of us can print it or write it on any paper we prefer, make it as pretty as we want (with accompanying words or drawings) and take a picture. You can pose holding your banner or just take a photo of the banner if you are shy.

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