151114 [DAUM] Joon Fancafe Update: Essential! Nominees For Fancafe Name

Trans: @iamoutoftime

Hello, this is PrainTPC.

We sincerely thank you for the many suggestions for the fancafe name.

Out of the various ideas, we’d like you to select that which you believe is the most meaningful and viable.

Terms that may refer to other fanclubs/agencies, vernacular expressions that would be difficult for the majority, ambiguous or excessive in foreign languages, characters difficult to use, among other proposals, have been excluded from the nominations. We beg your understanding.

While you vote for the candidates listed below, out of the three with most votes, the actor will personally choose one at the fanmeeting.

Voting period extends until Nov. 17 (Tue).

The nominees each followed by an explanation:

늘해랑 “Always with the sun”
-In pure Korean, someone who lives like the sun, always bright and strong.
– Hoping that his path as an actor will always be bright and luminous.

준계절 Joon Season
– Meaning that we’ll be together with the actor throughout the seasons.
– Meaning that in the actor’s appearance all 4 seasons can be felt.

창선카페 “Changsun Cafe”
– Borrowing from the actor’s nickname.

스마일리 SmiLEE
– Smile + Lee
– Based on the actor’s ever smiling charm.

파란별 Blue Star
– The youngest and hottest out of all the stars
– Meaning that despite being acknowledged as the youngest actor at the Scene Stealer Festival, his passion outshines everyone.

이준씨러블리 Lee Joon sii lovely
– Borrowing from The song “Isn’t she lovely?”

또바기준 TtobagiJoon
– Meaning “Always Invariably Lee Joon”.

밤하늘의 별 “Night Sky Star”
– Meaning the actor as a night sky holds the fans as stars and makes them shine.
– Meaning all the moments spent together will be bright.

시샘달 이래 „On February”
– Expression of the actor’s birthdate in pure Korean, „The last month of winter when flowers spring”.
– Meaning the day of the actor’s birth is the most important and fortunate.

Vote a lot, please.
Thank you.

From http://cafe.daum.net/leejoon.fancafe/aB8v/13

*Translator Note: There’s also option nr. 10, for those who don’t want to change the current standard name of the fancafe: “Lee Joon Official Fancafe”. And if needs to be clarified again, fancafe name is not the same as fandom name.

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