[Yearbook] Student days of an entertainer, the case of MBLAQ Lee Joon


(trans by: @joonjptrans)


Today we’ll look the student days of, not just an idol in MBLAQ but also recognized as an actor in dramas like „Heard it Through the Grapevine”, Lee Joon.

First, elementary school days.

Just by looking at the sitting posture, he looks like a magnificent boy.

This is the elementary school graduation photo, the boy’s name is Lee Changsun.
The boy then becomes junior high school student.

Usually it’s the time to be like a rascal,
but in reality during this phase the boy was being bullied.

He couldn’t even go to a school trip because his family was poor.

There was a lot of cockroaches and rats in the house.
On his toothbrush there was a dead cockroach like a toothpaste so he got angry at his mom. He can’t forget the image of his mom crying inside the blanket.

He entered the famous Seoul Arts High School after seeing modern dance.

He thought about overcoming the given environment, he repeated it effort after effort.

He wanted to enter theatre department and become an actor so he discussed it with his homeroom teacher who said „It’s impossible for you to pass.” School admission was close to the last place but at the graduation he got the 2nd place.

Despite his poor family background, the boy overcame his narrow future choices. This was the student life of Lee Joon.

Source: http://kt.wowkorea.jp/news-read/1512.html



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