151012 [DAUM] From Staff Lee Joon Fancafe Update (eng trans)

NOTE: To see the photos you need to visit cafe.

trans: @iamoutoftime (thank you)

[Present Condition] „Thank You For The Warm Coffee Truck Support!” (feat. c.a.)

You say you came to see the awesome front view of actor Lee Joon?

Please come in. There’s more than the front view. Charms like a whole ant colony await.*

*[The word used for „front view” is related to the physiognomy of insects, therefore the „ant colony” figure. As in „you won’t just see a part of Lee Joon, but his many many charms ;)]

#ComeIn #PleaseComeIn

Only for the members of Actor Joon official fancafe,
we’ll reveal the filming set of his new movie! Starting now.

A coffee truck prepared for the cold filming set!
Went running to order something by himself.

Q. Everybody knows the answer.
What did he order?!
1. Americano
2. Milky X
3. CherryAde

The correct answer is


Second cup too… cherryade (one shot)

The three daily meals? Basic. Three daily cherry(ades), of course.

Now the weather has gone steadily cold, there are already winter clothes at the filming set! Padding has appeared.

Thanks to the warm love everyone has sent, sugar has been charged 300% and as a result filming is being tackled on full force. 😀

In the future, there’ll be many more frequent updates on actor Joon’s whereabouts only for fancafe members, so please expect them!




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