151009 [DAUM] From Lee Joon Fancafe Update

translation: @iamoutoftime (thank you)


„Hello! It’s me! Today at the awards ceremony, I received an award. Thank you for your congratulations. In fact, though a ceremony is a ceremony, today fans were waiting and couldn’t see me on the red carpet and I heard some had to go back. I’m so sorry about that, really. Now for this next part I have no excuse. When you were waving at me, I was going to wave back in a funny way but it didn’t turn out well. I’m really sorry. I’m posting this message because I wanted to say this. ㅜㅁㅜ Instead…! Without permission from the agency, arbitrarily…! I will make an announcement (Ga Eun ssi, I’m sorry…). During this year, you’ll be able to see me a lot of times. Beyond that, it’s a secret =_= Ah, right, last Chuseok, the messages I posted… I apologize for those too because I wrote them too short (my dad scolded me). Also, everyone, if you’re curious… to say one more thing… Regarding the movie, we’ve already shot half of it. Still a long way to go but I think this is a fresh and shocking character like you haven’t seen so far. I’m excited and worried too bwaha… Send me lots of support and stay healthy hahahahahahahaha Bye”

From http://cafe.daum.net/leejoon.fancafe/X7YZ/5

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