[INTERVIEW] Lee Joon, Jo Soo Hyang & The Director Of „What Is The Ghost Up To?”

translation: @iamoutoftime (thank you)


During the press conference for „What is the ghost up to?”, even after been praised for his mature acting skills, Lee Joon confessed „I worry that I can’t act. Every three days, I fall into a slump. Wether I’m doing a drama or a movie, the slump comes anyway. I get to thinking ‘Why am I so bad?’”. I feel I have a lot to learn from (Jo) Soo Hyang whom I met filming this drama special. While watching everyone I was working with, I thought everyone except me was so good, I realised I still have a lot to learn. I even started thinking wether I should go to an acting school”.

From http://star.mt.co.kr/view/stview.php?no=2015073011144028279&type=1&outlink=1

On the same occasion, co-star Jo Soo Hyang was asked about her experience working with Lee Joon. She said „Lee Joon oppa ‘s worried thinking is morbid, he is obsessive about acting. I remember thinking „That’s how you grow, that’s making the effort”. And seeing him in that way I thought I really had to make my best effort as well”.

From http://star.mt.co.kr/view/stview.php?no=2015073011203976613&type=1&outlink=1

Also present was Director Cha Young Hoon, who got asked about the reason for casting Lee Joon and Jo Soo Hyang for “WTGUT”. “First, acting skills”, he said. “Second, acting skills”.

“Because the first half of the story and the second are so different in tone, the acting skills of the cast are very important. We wondered who, within the age range, had the ability to play both sides of these characters. And that’s how we thought of Lee Joon and Jo Soo Hyang”.

“We contacted Lee Joon first. We considered his acting skills were already certified. In fact, we pestered him to do it. This may be already known but the budget for a drama special is little compared to a drama or a movie. Nevertheless, he joyfully agreed to take part”.

From http://stoo.asiae.co.kr/news/naver_view.htm?idxno=2015073012524323430

Director Cha Young Hoon enthused “Even at the first reading, their acting was so fulfilling, the final result is the best”.

From http://starin.edaily.co.kr/news/NewsRead.edy?SCD=EA31&newsid=01735126609439768&DCD=A10102

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