150717 [CLIP] Lee Joon „Unnie Oppa Coming” interview + trans



Q: Now you’re finally able to show case your acting. From the movie „Ninja Assassine”, u debuted as the younger version of singer Rain. Just wanna know how u start your acting career?

Joon: Actually from the very beginning, I wanted to start acting but I didn’t get the opportunity to act. After going to university, I left school and participated in many auditions. When I decided to do it, I met Rain. So I ended up joining the audition for „Ninja Assassine”. It all begins from there.


Q: How is your health doing? Please say a few words to fans who are concern about your health.

Joon: My current health condition is good. But there are some minor situation during filming as I’m unable to sleep (insomnia). Everyone will face such a problem. Don’t worry about me. I slept 8 hours a day & I’m doing fine. Very healthy.


Q: When do you intend to complete your marriage life? What & how is your ideal type now?

Joon: Marriage seems to be quite hard. Actually now I’m… I can’t even take proper care of myself. If I’ve to spend my lifetime with someone, it still seems like a long time. About my ideal type? A simple girl. How? Suddenly I feel so shy. Kind girl. If I wanna marry will say about the girl being pretty or whatsoever. But in reality, instead of being pretty, it’s better to have a simple minded girl.
Host: Please do inform us if you have any.








CR: via @JJByung95

REUP: rightbesidejoon
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