140803 [SHOW] Lee Joon on Section TV




Yonghwa mentioned on a show that Joon initiate to have a meal with him but didn’t bring along money. Joon said he usually doesn’t bring money along with him.

Joon: There was once when I met Yonghwa after music show so we went for a drink together. After that, I went back to the hotel straight away(as I didn’t bring money along with me).

But as for Yonghwa, he went home to shower before meeting Joon. So of course it’s the one with the money will pay the bill. Another time when Yonghwa asked Joon out for a meal, YH didn’t being along his money. Both are the same.


Host: What kind of drama or role u want to challenge on?
Joon: „Romantic comedy”
Host: Who will be the starring actress?
Joon got shocked/ flustered & asked why did this question linked in so naturally?
Host: Is there any requirements for age for the female role?
Leejoon replied: „Any age doesn’t matter.”


Host: At the previous photo shoot, u showed your muscles & your back. How about today?

Leejoon thought that there won’t be any revealing of his body at the photoshoot so he said there won’t be any for today. But in the end, he didn’t expect to reveal so much. So in compensation, Joon automatically revealed his arms for the host.


LOL Joon mentions that he’s a cleanliness freak now XD No more the untidy guy but the tidy one

Joon: We’re planning a Europe tour in October.

Q: So where are you planning to visit?

Joon: Where?(asks to staff) Ah..Pollandeu?



MBLAQ members’ reaction towards his psychopath acting in Gapdongie was „Are you mentally ill?”

About the Yonghwa case, mc asked him if he’s the type that repays money well. He said if you tell me to repay of course I’ll repay. Borrowers don’t have a good memory originally.

The reason why Joon became a clean freak because there were lots of moths at the place where he was filming his drama/movie and some of them went into his mouth. He showered himself many times after that.

When he answered Pollandeu for the European tour after he asked for help from his manager, the mc was wondering if he was just mentioning a country where he wanted to go.




CR: mblaq1015a

REUP/TRANS: rightbesidejoon/  @mblaqgo_luvu (2 Joon lovely) ; @LUVISBLAQ , @mochamocha315


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