140403 [NEWS] „An actor is actor, right?”…Lee Joon, the day of receiving the rookie award



‚MBLAQ’ Lee Joon wore a tuxedo. He also wore a black bow tie just like a man. The characteristics that he usually showed were not able to be seen. He dressed up from head to toe. Where did ‘Beagle idol’ and ‘Noisy idol’ go. Even his walking is full of confidence.
Lee Joon that we all know of is in fact….

„MBLAQ t-shirt when eating Kimchi fried rice”


„Airport fashion is military-style jacket”


„On the way to work fashion is also military-style jacket”

Even though he is an idol, fashion made out of his own clothes? He does not know such a thing. He can go few years without any problems just with one khaki military-style jacket. How can Lee Joon wear a tuxedo then. He even dressed up completely~from head to toe, where is he going.

„STARCAST follow, follow me~”

But then, something is a little strange. He even wore a tuxedo….


There is not even that red carpet we often see.


There is not even that advertisement board.


We have stepped inside. The view inside is also different. It is an event but there are no seats.




The mood is the best.


First, there is an interaction between the seniors and juniors.




The directors give awards to one another and send encouragement.




An endless applaud is given to a rookie actor.
The reason why Lee Joon wore a tuxedo, you guys now get it, right? It is to attend ‘Wildflower Film Awards’. Are you guys not familiar with ‘Wildflower Film Awards’? Then we will listen to Lee Joon’s description.
“‘Wildflower Film Awards’ is small but a powerful film awards. This awards ceremony was made after comparing independent movie to a wildflower. It has a meaning that it blooms abundantly even during tough situations. I think this film awards is much more meaningful than any other awards ceremonies.”
He even got the honor of receiving the award. Lee Joon was nominated for the rookie award and male main character award with the movie ‘Rough Play’ (Directed by Shin Yeon Shik) and he received Best New Actor Award, which is said that it is possible to receive this award only once in whole life. We have taken a close look at that honorable site.
The full story from getting ready for the film awards to receiving the rookie award, we reveal it right now. 




▶5:00 PM Go to the hair shop = Lee Joon arrived at an hair shop after finishing busy schedules. He is very busy these days as MBLAQ comeback and shooting for the drama ‘Gap Dong’ are overlapped. Even with that, he stays strong. He walked into the hair shop with fast steps.




He was a cutie on the way to the hair shop. It is so-called ‘No make-up face cover look’. He wore several hoodies and a hat and even wore sunglasses. To this, he wore a big bag in a crossed way. Do you guys see that Korean flag? It is said that he cut the Korean flag himself and added a point to the bag.

„The point in casual clothes is Korean flag”



▶5:30 PM Make-up = Lee Joon started to make himself look nice. Since he became the candidate for the rookie award for the first time in his whole life, he said that he wants to look neat. The truth is, he gets the make-up without getting to open his eyes during MBLAQ activities. However, he was holding a make-up lecture on this day.
He even picked what kind of cosmetics to use.

„When getting make-up, it is crucial to clean the skin”


„I am a smoky boy~ smoky boy~”



▶6:00 PM Wear the suit = When it comes to the awards ceremony, it is of course a tuxedo. Lee Joon took off a cutie hoodie and wore a simple black tuxedo. He buttoned up the shirt with determined face just like ‘a man’. Does the man no doubt look nice only with the help from a suit(?). He finished going from cutie ‘Lee Chang Sun’ to an actor ‘Lee Joon’.

„Should I button the shirt like a man♬”


„Should I hold a belt like a man”


„Please forget about the noisy idol”



▶6:30 PM Wear the suit = The final part of dressing up is doing the hair. He always went with ‘Uncovered Joon’ on red carpet until now but on this day, it is ‘covered Joon’. He emphasizes that even the hair has to be neat and tidy. After dressing up, he headed to ‘Wildflower Film Awards’ with his Korean flag bag.

„I will go with the actor hair today~”


„Go to Wildflower Film Awards”


„I will walk like a man”




▶7:00 PM Interview = We also did a simple interview. The truth is, we were curious about the actor Lee Joon. We asked questions about the thought of attending ‘Wildflower Film Awards’, playing an active role as top ‘acting idol’, and also his worries. Is he really ‘Beagle idol’ Lee Joon? The looks in his eyes changed with the topic about acting.
First, we asked about the feeling of being nominated for the rookie award and the male main character award for ‘Wildflower Film Awards’.
☞ It is my first time becoming the candidate in film awards. So I think it is cool. I also think it is much more special since it is independent film awards. I think it is going to be a good experience just by attending.
It has been 5 months since ‚Rough Play’ has been released. Lee Joon showed excellent emotional acting through this work. As a result, he attended ‘Busan International Film Festival’ as an actor and got high compliments from lots of movie critics. Will he have grown more as an actor?
☞Honestly, I am having a slump after that. The more you act, the harder it gets. It will be possible to act good enough by memorizing the script with a similar character and then act. However, I do not want to be an actor like that. I think I am only temporarily having a slump to become a much better actor. I want to deal with this period well.
Lee Joon is top ‘acting idol’. He started off as a child actor in Hollywood and moved onto the supporting role and got the main character role in 4 years after making the debut. However, it is also true that there are stereotypes toward ‘acting idol’. What would he think about the negative perspectives toward ‘acting idol’?
☞ I do not care about the stereotypes toward the ‘acting idol’ at all. I think it is all what I deserve in the end. For me, I actually tried to meet the directors myself. I also obtained all the movie scripts and studied them. So I think I started off well compared to the idol groups in big agencies.
Last but not least, what will the future be like as an actor that Lee Joon dreams of?
☞ I wish to be an actor, not a star. I want to be an actor who can act well. For now, I know so well about which parts I am lacking at. I am currently making efforts to improve them one by one. I hope everyone keeps eyes on me with affectionate views from now on to the future.


▶7:00 PM = Lee Joon finally arrived at ‘Wildflower Film Awards’. He went to look for the directors Shin Yeon Shik and Lee Joon Ik first out of all and gave them 90 degrees bow. The director Shin Yeon Shik was most happy about Lee Joon becoming the candidate for the rookie award. He is the very director who found the actor Lee Joon through ‘Rough Play’. 
We will listen to his statement for a short time.
„I think that Lee Joon showed possibilities as an actor through ‘Rough Play’. It was to the point that many directors including the director Ryu Seung Wan said that they want to see him as soon as they watched the movie. It means that he is already acknowledged in the industry. Since he has so much passion toward acting, I think he is going to be much more successful in the future.

„Congratulations on becoming the candidate for the rookie award~”



He also greeted happily with the director Yeon Sang Ho. The director Yeon Sang Ho casted Lee Joon to play the main character with the voice in his new work ‘Seoul Station’. Is it because he liked the result? He raises the thumbs up. Afterwards, he also talked with the actor Kwon Hae Hyo and Darcy Paquet, who is the chairman of organizing committee and America’s movie critic.

„Congratulations on becoming the candidate”


„Enjoy the film awards all you want~”


„Lee Joon, it is nice to meet you~”


„I really enjoyed the movie~”


„Joon, very nice” (Darcy Paquet)



▶7:30 PM Photo wall = Since he came to film awards, it will be not possible to leave out the photo wall, right? He made a pose in the photo wall that is decorated with wildflower. There were not many reporters who visited the independence film awards but he put efforts into making the pose. The ending was a unique cutie V.

„The actor Lee is adorable, right?”



▶ 7:50 PM Get Kwon Hae Hyo’s autograph = Lee Joon suddenly approaches Kwon Hae Hyo. He said that his manager is the fan of Kwon Hae Hyo and politely requested an autograph. Because of Lee Joon, the manager got Kwon Hae Hyo’s autograph and even took a picture together. Lee Joon was much more excited when he saw the manager who was intensely happy.

„Kwon Hae Hyo, my manager is a fan of you”




„Thank you so much”




▶ 8:30 PM Receiving the rookie award = A moment of honor has come. Lee Joon is receiving the rookie award for the first time after making the debut. When his name was called, he was really surprised and went up on the stage immediately. At this moment, the directors raised their voice saying “It is a surprise discovery in Korean movie”.




„It was such an honor just by attending but thank you for giving me such a good award. I am personally nervous because it is the first award I receive. There are lots of things that I am lacking at but I think I am given this award so that I try a lot harder on acting in the future. The director Shin Yeon Shik, thank you for guiding me. The director Kim Gi Duk, I love you.”

„Mom, dad, sis, I love you”


„Joon who holds the trophy”


„The picture with the director Shin Yeon Shik”


„The director Yeon Sang Ho, congratulations on getting the director award „


„Please show lots of love toward independence movies”


„Everyone, also look forward to ‚Gap Dong'”

Written by=Kim Su Ji(Dispatch)
Pictures=Seo Yi Joon(Dispatch)

CR: STARCAST http://m.star.naver.com
REUP: rightbesidejoon


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